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How does my Lymph get blocked?

The Lymphatic system is a vital yet poorly understood part of our anatomy. We have twice as much Lymp fluid as Blood. Unlike the Blood which has the heart to pump it, our Lymphatic System relies totally on us moving our body fotr it to flow properly. If we have a sedatary lifestyle with lots of  sitting down and  eating the foods that clog our lymph, then the Lymph flow will slow down,  become sludgy and  form deposits at various places on the body. Over time these enlarge and press against nerve endings causing pain. 


Lymph Blockage -  leads to inflammation - leads to pain.


From my experience, a significant amount of  pain in the body is caused by Lymph blockages. We live with it, or take medication. It does nothing to address the true cause of th pain.


How do I know if my Lymph is blocked?

You will notice swelling and puffiness, and often an area is tender or painful to touch. Lymph blockages don't have to be painful, but when they are chronic, they usually are.

If you are overweight  then you are likely to have Lymph congestion, causing your body to swell.  

For women, a usual blockage area is down the outside of the leg between the hip joint and the knee.Another is just below the knee on the inside of the leg. Press any of these areas and you will likely find a tender or painful spot, indication a blockage.


How can I un-block my Lymph?

Alas, no amount of  exercise or dieting can unblock a Lymph blockage once formed.


I know of no other method than mine of fully unblocking Lymph.


The good news is:

Once the Lymph is fully unblocked it stays unblocked. It will take another lifetime to slowly build up again. Clients  ask if they have to come back for regular sessions and I have to say no, since the blockage is gone, there is no need. However an occasional check up will ensure that any future build-ups can be cleared quickly before they become chronic.

Generally, the younger the person, the quicker it is to clear a blockage, since it hase taken less time to build up, so is more pliable and easier to dissipate. Clients in their eighties have blockages that have hardened to a rubber-like consistency, which often  restricts movement and causes pain.


How long does it take to clear a blockage?

This is dependant on how old you are, how long you've had the blockage. This is no quick fix, no magic pill,  since it's taken a lifetime to build up, it's probably not going to be gone in one session. I have had that happen, but it is rare. Generally, the younger you are the quicker the results, so a person in their twenties or thirties would need far fewer sessions than a person in their sixties.


Can you help with Arthritis?

Good Question.  I client came to me and declared "I have arthritis in my knees". I examined the knees, pressing in various places to see if the pain was external. Ouch! Yes it was.  The client may well have had Arthritis in the joiunts, even an x-ray to prove it, yet the pain was coming from the muscle at the side of the knee, not from the joint itself.  I used my methods and the pain went. This is to illustrate that not all 'joint pain' is caused by Arthritis. 

Arthritis is due to slow build up of deposits in the joints, which act like sand wearing away the cartilage lining of the joint. Once this happens, it is not possible for me to help repair the damaged joint surfaces.

Some deposits are  needle-like crystals which can be very painful. I have had some experience in easing the pain, but it would require daily or twice daily sessions to make an impact, which is usually not practicable for most clients.


How does Radiance compare to other methods?

* Safe – non-invasive, no injections.

* Natural – it reproduces the body’s own natural healing signals

* Effective – it stimulates both surface and deep Lymphatic channels making it dramatically more effective than manual methods.

* Lasting – it only needs minimal maintenance sessions.


When will I notice a difference?

Most people notice definite improvements after the first session. If there is pain it usually significantly reduces within minutes.

A single treatment will kick-start the body’s own natural elimination and regeneration processes.

If you are concerned about a particular area of your body, we can offer an intensive session to target this.

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