What my Clients say:

Neck and Shoulder problems


'After a car crash and 20 years of constant pain in my neck and shoulders ,  I am now painfree after just two visits to Martin,  who used his treatment and skills to alleviate it.   Thank you so much, I now have a new lease of life.'    

Carol Hill, Sandown.



I was in so much pain with my neck and a had a large lump (fatty) which I wanted gone. This treatment was fantastic for me. I had 3 treatments in all once every week. I noticed the pain started to disappear in the second treatment. Also my fatty tissue on my neck has completely gone down. I'm so impressed and so happy and pain free. This treatment is amazing"

                                                                                          Zoe Robinson.


 "After my first session my neck and shoulder pain has completely gone and I can put on my coat without help! Also, I used to sleep for only 3-4 hours without waking, now I sleep for 6 hours".                                  Maureen Lankshear, Ryde


 " When I went to see Martin I had been in severe pain for 18 months due to a whiplash injury and frozen shoulder, this was unbearable. After the 1st session I had a massive reduction in my pain and after a handful of sessions I was pain free. This is absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend him".   

                                                                                         Jenny Starling, Salisbury


 "I have so much more energy! I went swimming recently and I usually am only able to do 1 or 2 lengths at West Wight Pool. This time I lost count of how many lengths I did, maybe 30 or more!".   

                                                                                         Sally Spencer, Brighstone


 " To date: My neck and back pain have reduced by more than 50%.

I have had the best 3 night's sleep I have had in many months.

I am able to sleep on my side... both sides for the first time in more than a year.

I havn't had a night time (or daytime) headache, which is mega!

My eyes and skin are clearer and I feel lifted.

All in all I feel thrilled at the results so far.....       Alison Botha, Apse Heath


 Back Pain



"I can clean my car myself now for the first time in years without getting back pain!"

                                                                                     Carla Richardson, Cowes


"I've been on my hands and knees weeding!  I couldn't do this before because of my back pain. Thank you Martin!"

                                                                                          June Wickham, Newport


"My back feels fantastic! When I first went to Martin, I couldn't even bend down, I had to walk with a stick. After the first session, people thought I had grown because I was standing more upright. They also noticed that I was bending down without help. My back pain was drastically reduced. I now have no pain in my back and my pains in my ankles and legs are reducing rapidly with each session. My long-standing sinus congestion is clearing too, all because my Lymph system is now being cleared of its blockages. I'm feeling better with each session!"

                                                                                                         JC Newport

" I felt very relaxed during the procedure. Afterwards I felt like I'd been reborn. I went on to have two body sessions and could hardly believe the results. I had been suffering from a bad back and shooting pain along my leg. Martin was able to clear the blockages and my back has recovered completely. I've also noticed that my body shape has changed with remarkable results. Martin is very professional and explains every part of the therapy and why it works. My close friends all say that I've got my sparkle back"           

                                                                                                          Ann Killick                                                                                                             Sandown


" I wanted to let you know how much better I have been feeling                        and that my back pain has been greatly reduced. Thank you"                                                

                                                                                                   Jessica Matthews


  Leg and Foot Pain



"My legs now feel better than they have  in years. I can walk long distances without any pain "

                                                                                                  Carmen Stafford                                                                                                                     Shanklin


"After the first session my ankles are a lot slimmer and the 'putty' like texture of the skin has gone on my right ankle and almost gone on my left. The skin is now a normal colour too. I am also not getting up so much in the night!"

                                                                                                  David Pettitt                                                                                                                    Lake



"Since having lymph clearing sessions with Martin, my knee pains were gone in the first sessions and my left knee  now measures 2 inches smaller around than it used to be and my right knee, which is more swollen, has lost an inch too"

                                                                                                  Gill Guerrini                                                                                                                     Cowes


"I walked in with a walking stick, I left without needing it!"

                                                                                                  Pam Armstrong                                                                                                                     Newport


"I  must admit to being amazed! After just 7 minutes with Martin the pain in my knee was gone! I had had it for years due to a cartilage operation, and I had to use a pain killer cream to cope. Doubly amazing was that I was now able to walk in a straight line, rather than like a Duck, and that I could walk up stairs and ramps without my legs going weak and having to stop. I feel like a new man!"

                                                                                                  Graham Yeomans                                                                                                                      Wootton

"My mum age 75 had come back from Portugal in a lot of pain down the side of her leg , hip and knees . Hence why her used a walking stick . Having  heard of Martin and his healing hands , I took my mum to him . IT WORKED , she now walks unaided from Hayland into Ryde high street , to shop and walks back home . To top it all she lost 5kg and pain free . Thank you soooo much!"                                                                                                                                                           Sonia Da Silva                                                                                                          Haylands, Ryde


"Martin is the only person who's ever taken away my leg pain permanently.


Latest news: I can now walk up and down stairs without having to walk sideways, which is a MAJOR thing for me"

                                                                                                  Carol Cook                                                                                                                      East Cowes


"My feet used to be AGONY! I can now walk and the pain is almost all gone.

I am also going without my Orthotic Shoe Inserts most of the time, as I don't need them any more!".

                                                                                                  Tina Parsonage                                                                                                                     Apse Heath


"Wow Martin, have been on 2 walks and have virtually no pain x.

In the mornings for the last 4 years I literaly felt like I was dying for the first 3 hours after getting up. The last 2 mornings - oh glorious mornings! Thank you Martin thankyou xxx".

                                                                                                  Donna Flux                                                                                                                    Newport

  Arm and Shoulder Pain



"My left arm and shoulder pain was agony. Two sessions with Martin and the pain is so much better!".

                                                                                     Natalia Dimitricheva, Ryde                                                                                                               


"I was diagnosed with 'Tennis Elbow' and given yearly cortisol injections. The pain would come back if I did anything strenuous. After the one session I remain totally pain free!".

                                                                                     Lorraine Cant, Newport                                                                                                              

  Tinnitus, Ear and Sinus problems



"My Tinnitus has virtually gone and only ever comes back briefly and mildly when I get stressed".

                                                                                                  Carol Cook                                                                                                                    East Cowes


"My Tinnitus is a lot less than it was".

                                                                                      Sandra Lelyveld, Shanklin

  Asthma and Breathing problems



"After having sessions I now need my Inhaler less!".

                                                                                 Carla Richardson, Cowes

  Eye problems



"I can now thread a needle without having to get my husband to do it for me!".

                                                                                 Maureen Lankshear, Ryde


"when I cover my good eye, I can see you clearly and the  colours you're wearing! The brown film over my right eye seems to have gone!".

                                                                              Brenda Lambourne, Bembridge

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