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 "I deal with the cause of pain in the body,

not just treating the symptoms"




"Once the lymph blockages causing the pain have been removed, the pain is gone - and does not come back"


Applying scientific principles, Martin Willment has developed a modality that compliments the body’s natural eliminatory and healing systems. 15 years of research and development has culminated in this innovative treatment becoming a watchword in Dermal Technology.


Martin started out in 1997 looking for ways to use his Space electronics and scientific background to do just that. He found from research that certain electrical signals, when applied to the body, helped ease the symptoms and promote the healing process by stimulating the organs back to health. Given the right conditions, the body effectively heals itself.


When there is a blockage in the lymph, the skin often feels tender or painful to the touch. This tecnique is used to unblock these points so that energy flows freely around the body to ensure that all the organs and our natural processes are functioning optimally.  Of course, the welcome ‘side-effect’ is that it restores a naturally youthful appearance to the face and body.

These machines have been repeatedly able to keep aches, pains and symptoms at bay for months, even years.


“My mother was a State Registered Nurse and my father was an Aerospace Electronics Engineer/Industrial Scientist. Both died painful deaths due to cancer before I was able to help them. I vowed that I would devote myself to helping people with their pain. "


"Our Lymphatic system is a vital yet neglected key to good health. Radiance Rejuvenation addresses this critical omission and introduces deep yet gentle Lymphatic stimulation helping to restore the body to optimum health”

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