Are your Lymph blockages the REAL  cause of your pain?

 "Martin is the only person who's ever taken away the pain permanently"                         - Client Testimonial                              

   Welcome to Radiance Rejuvenation!          Radiance Therapy is a unique, non-invasive method that uses special techniques to release lymph blockages that cause inflammation and spasmed muscles, which often lead to localised pain. These symptoms are accepted as an 'inevitable' part of the ageing process.

It is estimated that 70 - 90%+ of all non-trauma pain is directly or indirectly related to Lymph congestion.

Interestingly, the Medical industry almost totally ignores the Lymphatic  or cellular waste disposal sytem, even though there is three times as much Lymph fluid as blood. It is "the Elephant in the Room". Billions of dollars are made from prescribing drugs that merely mask the symptoms of Lymph congestion, but do nothing about the cause.  My belief, from observing clients over 10+ years, is that

We are only as healthy as our Lymphatic system blockages will allow

No amount of exercise or dieting will remove a Lymph blockage once it has reached the stage of being chronic or calcified

Indeed, exercise will cause further Lymph back-up and swelling  and more pain if the blockage is still there. Which is why many people with leg blockages simply give up any form of exercise, or even walking much, because of this.


Clients often report easement of long-standing symptoms, such as

Sinus problems,

Fibromyalgia, Rheumatic pain


Backache, Sciatica,

Thread veins, Varicose veins, Spider veins, permanent bruising,


Knee joint problems, swollen knees, foot pain, dropped arches (no more need for orthotics),

neck and shoulder aches/clicks/crunches/restricted movement, 'frozen shoulder', 

Acid Reflux

Glaucoma, Cataracts, tired eyes

Dental pain/oral hygeine,

Ear problems, Vertigo, even Tinnitus (Epstein Barr EBV viral infection of the Inner Ear).


I have had  remarkable results in pain reduction, often the pain has gone completely (see our Client Testimonial section) Read more in the FAQ section about how blockages in our Lymphatic System occur.

Unlike prescription medications and surgical intervention, there are no reported negative side effects of these methods.

The results can be profound and long lasting. Positive results can be immediate. A single treatment un-blocks congested lymph channels including deep lymph channels, removing toxins from the body and opening up the lymph flow. 

Easing the pain is the easy part. 

Clearing the blockages takes longer, depending on how long the client has had the condition, their age, general health (diet and exercise) and attitude to the methods used. One client said "After the [first] session my back pain is 96% better, I can live with the 4%!" So she felt that since her symptoms were almost gone, she did not need or want to come back to clear the remaining blockages. In general, younger people clear quicker than older people, as the blockages have not had so much time to accumulate. Those who get the best results (and some are almost miraculous) are those that have a positive open belief about the possbilities of their own healing. 

All healing is really self-healing. It's an inside job!

Yes, emotions trapped in the body play a huge part in why we are in pain and how and where it manifests. A  major part of what I do is to get the client to see the connection between the symptoms and the trapped emotions. What is your body trying to tell you to release? What are you hanging onto from the past?

Easy example: Sciatica. Anger/resentment/ unexpressed feelings from the past - often childhood disempowerment/injustice - tightening and spasming the Buttock muscle,  triggered by a current life situation. Someone or some thing is a "pain in the ass". If a client gets an emotional release, usually after the session, , the symptoms start to clear up. However,

                          It is not a quick fix.                                                             

Okay, it can be, but alas, usually isn't!

I deal only with the true cause of the symptoms. One session will not clear a lifetime's build up of deposits in the body. It requires commitment and determination from both myself and the client. It's a collaboration, a team effort.

The results are well worth it: freedom from pain and full range of movement restored (providing trauma and surgical intervention have not caused permanent damage!).

We often only value our health when we have lost it, and alas, no amount of money will restore it once it is lost.

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